At PDA Medical SolutionsTM, we are dedicated to providing the medical community with essential, accurate information relating to medical diagnostics in the many fields of medicine. However, even the best information is useless if it is not easily accessible. That is why we pride ourselves in providing you with one of the most user-friendly interface on the market, using only a small memory footprint on your personal digital assistant (PDA's) … and for significantly less money than the competition. Our ultimate goal is to replace the too numerous pocket books the medical community carries in their overstretched coat pockets with the elegance and small size of PDA's.

Our software packages are put together, edited and updated by leading specialists in their respective fields. But more importantly, the basis upon which our platform is built is designed the best way it could be: BY practitioners, FOR practitioners. Our software packages reflect many years of experience in their respective disciplines.

For the technically savvy, the packages are available for the Palm Pilot OS in ISiloTM format, arguably one of the best text viewers for the Palm Pilot®, Windows CE® and Pocket PC® platforms. This format will allow you to "browse" through our documents using simple menus and other hyperlink functions.

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